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  Financial Planning   |  Asset Management

Let us help you look beyond the present and plan for a secure financial future.

BRsquared is a financial planning and portfolio management firm located in the San Francisco bay area. Most of our clients are Technology professionals, and their goals include retirement planning, investment planning, planning for their children’s college education, tax optimization, and estate planning. Our process starts with helping our clients establish and prioritize defined and realistic financial goals, which is followed by analyzing and evaluating their current financial situation and subsequently presenting clear and specific recommendations to help them achieve their goals (Click here to understand the financial planning process). Working with our clients on their financial plan gives us a clear understanding of their long term and short term goals, risk tolerance, time horizons, liquidity constraints, and their values and attitude towards investing. Based on this knowledge, we design tax efficient, custom portfolios for our clients with the optimum asset allocation and investment vehicles best suited for their specific case. The investment portfolios are periodically monitored and updated to reflect changes in the client’s financial situation or changes in the expected economic, social, political, legal and tax conditions. We establish long-term relationships with our clients and partner with them every step of the way to help them achieve their financial goals.


BRsquared is held to fiduciary standards, which means, we are legally obligated to act in the best interest of our clients, at all times, above all else, when providing financial advice. We strive to provide total clarity and transparency to our clients by discussing all associated fees and expenses with them before any transaction and educating them about our investment selection and analysis process, which can empower them to make informed decisions. (Click here to get an insight into our mind)

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