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Why Us?


BRsquared is an avid advocate of Financial Independence. There’s more to financial independence than being able to retire early, it is power to make life and career decisions without focusing primarily on the monetary aspect. BRsquared specializes in working with professionals in the technology sector, who aim to provide financial stability for their families, while seeking the freedom to have flexibility in their life and career choices. Most of our clients have unique tax challenges as a result of their employment, and their desire is to responsibly accumulate, grow, consume, and ultimately distribute their assets in an effective and tax efficient way.

The following criteria should help you determine whether partnering with us might be beneficial to you:

  • You would like to partner with someone capable of providing you complete and holistic financial planning advice covering strategies to not only build wealth, but also encompassing areas like managing expenses, tax planning, estate planning, insurance, retirement planning and education planning.

  • You want to collaborate with someone who is competent and takes the time to understand your unique financial situation.

  • You’re looking to work with someone who is held to fiduciary standards, legally obligated to work in your best interest.

  • You seek total transparency and full disclosure of the fees that you will pay for any financial planning and asset management services provided to you.

  • You are a technical person and you would like your investment advisor to walk you through the process and criteria they use to construct and analyze your portfolio.

  • You expect your investment advisor to objectively guide you through market volatility.

  • You would like your advisor to be easily accessible to address your concerns and promptly respond to any financial questions that may arise in your day-to-day life. These might be questions like…Can I upgrade my home?...Can I afford to forgo active income for a couple of years to focus on my start-up idea?...Is this the right time to refinance?...Should I switch to the new health plan offered by my employer?...At what age should I start filing for Social Security benefits?...,and more.

  • Given current circumstances, you would like to have the option of working with someone who is capable of conducting business virtually.


Suggestions on how to choose a financial advisor

Contact us at to schedule a complimentary 30 minute initial consultation.

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